How Real-Estate Industry Can Benefit Through Covid Safety Kit

Each day, the Covid-19 scare is getting more recognition because of the huge rise in positive cases and death count. The limited entry is allowed in crowded places such as schools, cinema halls, gyms, malls, swimming pools, hotels, restaurants, and airports. Even corporate offices shut their doors and worked remotely. Every industry has suffered the impact of closing their storefronts or offices. Therefore, all sectors are fighting to curb the spread by implementing various AI or computer vision solutions and working continuously to uplift the economy. 

Let’s talk about the startup world, where Covid-19 has created a severe impact. Many startups have closed down their operation, whereas it also has seen that many retail tech startups turn to health tech startups for resuming their business. They started to build contactless COVID solutions after healthcare experts and governments are encouraging us to maintain social distance and wear a mask. At the time of the first lockdown, people are not allowed to leave their houses because of “shelter-in-place” orders. At this time, people in the real estate industry analyzed that they have to suffer a lot. 

In the real-estate industry, work totally depends on the physical presence of the workforce at the site. Due to the government orders, people are staying at home and started to live with the philosophy “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. The guidelines like maintaining safe distance are hard to follow as people are working next to each other and using regular facilities. Another guideline is to wear a mask. It is also hard for the workers to wear a mask continuously while working. It has seen that they get irritated with the face cover while working and touch their face once in a while.  

On the other side, residential complexes insist on sticking to the guidelines. As societies are densely populated, and people are living next to each other. They are using many common facilities like the elevators, staircase, jogging track, gym, clubhouse for children, swimming pool, etc. If anyone gets infected, it becomes hard to control the spreading. After lifting restrictions by the government, many societies commented that the authorities have seen people staying indoors, and they are working tirelessly towards making a safe and secure environment for everyone in society. 

We Veda Labs, a deep tech startup, have introduced a Covid-19 AI kit. The COVID kit helps the real estate industry to combat the spread of Covid-19. The solution is built through various technologies like AI, machine learning, computer vision, and many more. The primary aim of the solution is to create a safe and secure environment. We all know about the status of the COVID -19 vaccine. Therefore, it is clear that there is a long way to full recovery.

COVID Kit helps you to monitor the parameters like mask detection, maintaining a safe distance, occupancy limit, fever screening, sanitization measure, etc. and help you to make a safe and secure environment. 

Now, let’s discuss how these vital parameters can benefit the real estate industry or housing complexes. 

Sanitization Alerts

A person gets infected by Covid-19 when he/she touches a surface that contains the virus and then touches their face. This path of transmission is known by everyone. Besides, the real-estate sector is trying to sanitize every part to keep the environment sanitized. 

Veda’s sanitization alerts are built on the sanitization measure stated by the government. It helps the retailers to regularly sanitize the high touch surfaces at a proper frequency. People should avoid going to common areas. For instance, elevators and stair grills need to be clean and sanitized in a short frequency of time.  

Vedalabs sends out alerts based on space usage and makes it easier and efficient for you to keep an entire society safe.

Fever Screening 

Temperature screening is efficient to install at the entry of the building. Though the health expert said, the high temperature is a common symptom of Coronavirus. In residential complexes, the welfare associations have fixed entry time for vendors, helpers, and maids. 

Through Veda’s fever screening device, if anyone detects a high temperature, they are not allowed to enter the building. Even if they are any visitor or any working employee.  

This feature allows society authorities to limit the spread of Covid-19. Thus, it is an effective way to recognize the infected person. 

Fever screening will provide you:

  1. Contactless solution.
  2. Accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius.
  3. Identify individual temperatures.
  4. Send real-time alerts if the high temperature is detected. 
  5. Quick 1-second scanning.

Occupancy Alerts 

The Covid-19 spreads from person to person in close vicinity, similar to other respiratory diseases, such as the flu. Droplets of body fluids like saliva from an infected person scattered in surfaces by coughing and sneezing.

Therefore people shouldn’t go or stand in a crowded place. The risk of getting infected is high. 

As the government began to lift down restrictions on staying at home. The housing complexes started to open some common areas like parks and sports grounds with the guidelines of limited people and bounded time. 

Veda Labs’s Occupancy alerts help the real estate industry to know the exact people within the space. And if the people limit exceeds then, it pushes a notification to the authorities. The results will show in real-time on the display or screen. So, the guard or an employee standing outside the space can check the screen and allow or stop people from going inside. 

Mask Detection

As everyone is staying at home, it’s the responsibility of the welfare association to keep everyone safe. Also, insist them to actively practice social distancing and wear a mask. 

It has seen that individuals are uncomfortable wearing a mask for hours and they are continuously removing the mask or touching their faces once in a while. 

Veda monitors the environment in real-time through CCTV video feeds and helps societies to detect people who aren’t wearing a face cover.  

It recognizes if the person is wearing a mask or not. If not, then it automatically sends a warning or notification to the concerned person. And also, the camera captures a photograph, who isn’t wearing a mask as a chunk of evidence.

It is impossible to stay completely locked within the house due to the proximity in which people live. Therefore, the adoption of technology during this pandemic creates satisfaction because AI is one of the finest technology in which people can trust and rely on. 

Vedalabs provides you an accurate report of all the solutions mentioned above to help and assist the real estate industry to keep a safe and healthy environment. 

How can one get started? Visit us at our solution page or email us at

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