Introduction : Real-Time Occupancy

In our current global health crises, the store owners and managers are doing everything to keep their customers and employees secure. With the new social distancing policies, the corporate offices have changed their ways of working. Also in the retail world, customers have changed their way of shopping and how retailers run their stores.
The grocery stores and pharmacies are the front-runners of retail throughout in Covid-19 pandemic. These stores keep their patrons as well as their representatives safe.

We Vedalabs have introduced the Real-Time Occupancy Software.
This software helps enterprises or retail chain stores to obey occupancy restrictions and social distancing by accurately counting people as they entering and leaving the building or store. It provides store owners and managers a deeper understanding and insights to keep their buyers and agents safe by implementing social distancing.

How Does Real-Time Occupancy Software Works?

The real-time occupancy monitoring is a software to generate real-time data on the amount as they enter and exit the store or building. Its a count of people that can be used in several ways. When the occupancy limits are exceeded, it pushes notification and warning on the screen, hence allowing you to implement social distancing rules.
However, it is more convoluted than a standard counting mechanism. While the software attains its knowledge by counting shoppers as they enter a store, also it provides a number of statistics which is relevant to continue various services.

After analyzing the occupancy analytics report, store owners or superintendents can view forecasts of expected store occupancy per hour and use that information to plan maintenance activities according to traffic. People counting software generates output in real-time so staffing and consumers are maintained.

Why We Adopt Real-Time Occupancy Software?

Presently, the term social distancing is trending in social media as well as in news channels. Governments around the world are implementing social distancing policies to curb the spread of coronavirus.
In this pandemic essential business like pharmacies, supermarts have to stay open to provide daily household items. So, every retailer has to manage the number of people who enter a store or building. It also helps them to run their business efficiently and enable cost profits.
When occupancy limits are exceeding, buyers will be asked to wait outside until it is safe. After analyzing the occupancy analytics it is easy for the manager or employees to improve the customer experience and plan maintenance activities accordingly.

Occupancy in a certain store or a specific building is the measure not only by footfall but also by customer’s dwell time.

Accuracy In Real-Time Occupancy Software

As I told you before that occupancy data is measure through the number of people coming in a store. If the counting of people is not accurate then this can lead to lots of errors. If people said that they are having an accuracy of 96%, this lacking of 4% can lead to making a big error when we see on the high footfall location.

We Vedalabs, are using our device “Count” with an accuracy of 99% while measuring the occupancy in a specific area. This means that the potential of error building is extremely less even when we are measuring occupancy in a place with high footfall.

The Motive of Real-Time Occupancy Software

Our main motive is to fight against Covid-19 and keep everyone safe. We build occupancy software for the essential retailers so that the social distancing policies continue to occur and also enjoy the other benefits of analytics.
According to government guidelines, social distancing and wearing masks are important to control the spread of coronavirus. Hence, software like real-time occupancy can help every retailer or owner to maintain social distancing and keep their employees healthy and safe.

Adopting occupancy software not only create safety in their stores but it also creates goodwill and brand image in front of their customers. In this pandemic, customers change their way of shopping and they visit only that store where they see that retailers are taking all the safety measures to keep safe everybody.

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