How Corporate Offices Can Benefit Through Covid Safety

In the past few months, the rise of the novel coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has created an unusual smash on the way we work. 

As the government commenced to lift down restrictions on staying at home. The companies need to implement safety precautions and create a healthy and sanitary work environment before returning to work. According to an infectious disease specialist, there is proof that coronavirus may remain viable from hours to days on surfaces. It means that sanitization and touchless technology will play a significant role in reopening corporate offices. Though every employee coming in the workplace should maintain social distancing and wear a mask. 

This post is meant to take a step to fight against Covid-19 and create a healthy and safe working environment. We believe that creating a solution for corporate offices not only provides knowledge but also creates a peace of mind as we all are suffering through this public health issue.

Grasping the knowledge to restrain the spread of Covid-19. We Vedalabs, have introduced a Covid-19 AI Kit, a combined solution for the corporate office that allows you to monitor key parameters like social distancing, mask detection, fever screening, space occupancy & sanitization alerts in real-time to keep your employees safe and healthy. 

Now I am going to tell you more about the Covid-19 AI Kit and their features in the kit. How it works and the benefit of every feature in detail. 

How Covid-19 AI Kit Works?

Veda’s platform monitors the environment in real-time through CCTV video feeds and makes sure, based on your input, how the workplace is performing with safety measures. It is extremely crucial in this pandemic to keep your real estate, or an office, safe and secure.

  • Real-time fever screening.
  • Keeping a track on social distancing.
  • Mask detection on each walking in person.
  • Space/floor occupancy alerts.
  • Sanitization frequency checks.

We will provide an accurate report and insights of each feature shown above to create a healthy and sanitary environment. 

The spread of the coronavirus is unavoidable, and the disinfection and cleaning routines can reduce the risk of the count of Covid-19. Now we are going to discuss the benefits of Covid-19 AI Kit and, it’s each feature. 

It has seen that the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace is to keep the virus out in the first place. Veda’s platform helps you to do it with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Fever Screening

The basic symptoms of coronavirus include fever, tiredness, and dry cough. To take care of this, many offices are preferring a fever detection device at the entrance. Every time someone enters the building, the Vedalabs fever detection device monitors the temperature of each individual uniquely allowing you to flag the person and take actions. It recognizes infected people as they walk in and won’t let them in. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based algorithms have been used to attain highly expected accuracy. The reference temperature at the access point and a camera, which measures the body temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 °C. 

Mask Detection 

The government has given guidelines of social distancing and wear a face mask as another way to limit the spread of COVID-19. Due to this, Vedalabs has added a feature n Covid-19 AI Kit. It works perfectly for a large number of faces simultaneously. Using artificial intelligence networks and computer vision technologies, it can recognize if the person is wearing a mask or not. If not, then it automatically sends an alert, and if the device captures an unidentified face, it sends a notification to the manager or administrator. And the camera also captures a photo, who is not wearing a face mask as a piece of evidence.

This mask detection feature is highly accurate with various variables involved like, the quality of the enrolled face image, the degree to which a subject cooperates with having a good-quality image captured, and the impact of lighting and other environmental variables. 

Social Distancing 

For companies who require employees on-premises, social distancing in the office is required from the start, not just once when the office begins but to the end of the day. 

In the current circumstance, every corporate office needs a safe way from remotely working to coming to the office & working. Social distancing is a key phenomenon, and our employees must understand how to implement social distancing on office premises that is extremely important for the safety of others. 

Vedalabs is providing a solution for tracking movement anywhere people gather and also allows you to monitor the social distancing queues making you aware of all the patterns. 

Space Sanitization 

Space sanitization is important concerning all precautionary measures. The office needs to include regular cleaning and sanitizing high touch surfaces during working hours. Space sanitization allows you to keep it safe for all the employees coming and using the space. 

The manager should be assigned the task to the servant to sanitize high touch areas, and this is where Vedalabs sends real-time alerts that allow you to perform sanitization activities at a proper frequency.

Managers have strict control and sanitation protocols, and then the sanitization alerts help them to create a disinfected space. The usage of these alerts is for the engaging space or a floor or a meeting room or any space that acquires regular frequencies of people.

Vedalabs sends out alerts based on space usage and makes it easier and efficient for you to keep an entire space safe.

All the above features are the benefits of the COVID-19 AI Kit, which not only creates a safe and healthy environment but also identifies an infected employee. You and we both want to fight against Covid-19 and create a safe workplace. 

How can one get started? Visit us at our solution page or email us at

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