COVID-19 Safety Kit – Powered by Veda Labs

We Vedalabs realized that customers fear shopping at their stores. And by grasping the knowledge to curb the spread of Coronavirus we are introducing Covid-19 AI Kit, a combined solution for your store or specified premises that allows you to monitor key parameters like social distancing, mask detection, fever screening, space occupancy & sanitization alerts in real-time to keep your store safe.

Let’s just know more about the Covid-19 AI Kit and the features:

Occupancy Alerts

A store’s maximum occupancy depends on the number of customers they serve daily. Many of the retail chain stores have adopted this measure and announced that they are limiting the number of people allowed in a store at a time. 

The Vedalabs Occupancy solution is designed for stores or any specified premises with an occupancy limit. It helps retail attendants and security guards view the number of customers currently in a store in real-time. After a specific number, they start providing tokens or give them entry one by one. While this helps managers or supervisors deploy staff efficiently and prevent theft more effectively.

Sanitization Alerts 

Space sanitization is extremely important concerning all precautionary measures. The stores will need to include regular cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces during their working hours. Space sanitization allows you to keep it safe for all the people coming inside the store or who will be using the space. 

The store’s managers have assigned the task to their workers to sanitize high touch areas, cleans checkout lanes after each transaction and this is where Vedalabs sends real-time alerts that allow you to perform sanitization activities at a proper frequency.

The store owner and their managers have strict control and sanitation protocols and then the sanitization alerts help them to create a disinfected space. The usage of these alerts is for the engaging space or a floor or a meeting room or any space that acquires regular frequencies of people.

Vedalabs sends out alerts based on space usage and makes it easier and efficient for you to keep an entire space safe.

Social Distancing

In the current situation, every retailer needs a safe way to back in business. Social distancing is a key phenomenon for safety monitoring queues and the distance between each individual is extremely important for the safety of others. 

Managing physical distance in your store is a major key to control the spread of Coronavirus inside the store. Vedalabs is providing a solution for tracking movement anywhere people gather and also allows you to monitor the social distancing queues making you aware of all the patterns. 

 These social distancing insights are provided in real-time. The insights can be used to:

  • Monitor social distance in queues.
  • Identify areas with a group of people.
  • Take action accordingly

Mask Detection

Creating a safe environment is at the top of the retailer’s mind as they are preparing to open facilities again. According to guidelines social distancing and wear a face mask as another way to narrow the spread of the virus. Measures must be taken to protect their customers and their attendants. Vedalabs is providing a proactive system that keeps a track of all the people entering your place to check the usage of masks at all times. It automatically sends an alert and if the device captures an unidentified face it sends a notification to the manager. 

To learn more about Mask detection

Fever Screening 

According to the World Health Organization, the primary symptoms of coronavirus include fever, tiredness, and dry cough. To take care of these retailers are preferring fever screening in their stores. Every time someone enters your store or specified area, the Vedalabs sensor monitors the temperature of each individual uniquely allowing you to track & flag person and take actions. It automatically recognizes infected people as they walk in. The focus on detecting body temperature is a preventive measure to contain the current pandemic. 

To get to know more about fever screening. How is fever screening important? 

These are the brief features of the Covid-19 AI Kit. Vedalabs also provides you the benefits of retail analytics. As Vedalabs provides you reports related to Covid-19 AI kit features as well as the other solution, you can make the decision for your chain stores. As you and we both want to make your customer safe and earn maximum profits.  

How can one get started? Visit us at our solutions page or email us at

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