What is a contactless attendance system?

The pandemic has led many businesses or organizations to make challenging decisions most of which are involved in the evaluation of staffing needs after states and territories issued various orders aimed at controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Due to these orders, many companies are encouraging their employees to work remotely and for physical interaction meetings, they are using video and telephonic conferences. But many of the companies deal with essential products and services and they can’t allow their employees to do work from home. And there are companies which have to allow half of their employees to do work from home and while calling the other half to the office. In any of the situations, these decisions have resulted in businesses reducing employee hours or laying-off employees. In all these situations time tracking or working hours is necessary for the company but the question arises on how to avoid contact between employees and reduce contagion. And in this situation whether from home or in office, contactless attendance is one of the best biometric solutions for attendance monitoring. 

Turnout happens to be the best device for identifying individuals without the risk of close contact and reduces contagion. Traditional attendance tracking systems require the need for physical touch. Fingerprint scanners, for instance, require that all the employees touch the same surface, which could potentially spread disease. But due to technological improvement, the disturbance of passing illness is being destroyed. It also provides smoothness in marking attendance. Employees only have to face towards the device and it instantly records their start and end time. 

It has been that many organizations have discarded the fingerprint scanners in place of facial recognition. Like the NYPD has stopped fingerprint entry in their premises and more companies are still giving orders of restricting. 

Move your regular attendance tracking system to Turnout – Facial Recognition Attendance system. It would not only help in shifting to a contactless biometric solution but it also provides other features like mask detection and fever screening.

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