Mask Detection

In a pandemic, the government has given guidelines of social distancing and wear a face mask as another way to limit the spread of COVID-19. Due to this, Vedalabs has added a feature in Turnout of mask detection. 

Face mask detection is a feature in a facial recognition biometric solution to look for the faces and detect people without masks. It works perfectly for a large number of faces simultaneously. Using artificial intelligence networks and computer vision technologies, it can recognize if the person is wearing a mask or not. If not, then it automatically sends an alert and if the device captures an unidentified face it sends a notification to the manager or administrator. And the camera also captures a photo who is not wearing a face mask as a piece of evidence. 

The application is widely used in access control situations such as transportation centers, corporate and government offices, hospitals, schools, community centers, restaurants and hotels, and several other areas or spaces where contactless access control, facial recognition, and fever monitoring is necessary.

This mask detection feature is highly accurate with various variables involved like the quality of the enrolled face image, the degree to which a subject cooperates with having a good-quality image captured, and the impact of lighting and other environmental variables.  

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