Hello world! Veda Labs is in Tokyo now.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG) is attempting to create a Tokyo where anyone can live with peace of mind, hope, and power, where growth is continually generated, and which shines on the global stage as a driver behind Japan’s growth.

Since 2017, the “Accelerator Program – Tech Business Camp Tokyo” (hereinafter referred to as “the program”) has been held by Tokyo Metropolitan Government to invite foreign startups with cutting-edge technologies and business models to come to Tokyo and deepen their knowledge of both Japan’s unique market and the various needs of companies in Japan. Further, by providing Japanese companies the opportunity to familiarize themselves with foreign startup technologies, the program aims to cultivate business matching and attract foreign companies to Tokyo. The program will be held in the major Industry related districts of Tokyo, including Minato Ward, Shibuya Ward, and Chiyoda Ward.

The accelerator program promises successful applicants the opportunity to meet with mentor companies that operate in Tokyo, networking opportunities, make public relations, free office space and practical support with setting up in Tokyo, such as translation services and meeting facilitation.

We, as Veda Labs has been selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) to present our products in front of the people coming from different regions or countries (outside & inside of Japan) in the fields of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Internet of Things, big data and analytics, as well as in the fields of asset management. We will be in Japan starting from 23rd of January 2020 to 9th March 2020.  

The program looks for foreign companies in non-financial industries which have advanced technologies (e.g. AI, robotics, VR/AR) that could contribute to achieving the three cities plan, and which have not yet established a Japanese corporate entity. Around 10 companies will be present along with us and we are happy to be with some of the brilliant minds who have advanced products which help the retail industry to attract and bring more customers to their retail chain stores. 

As we are promoting to build culture between Indian IT companies and Japanese companies leveraging our respective strengths in software and hardware in the new digital era.

About Vedalabs

As Vedalabs, we provide you the solution that with the help of Artificial Intelligence and the other IoT technologies presents you the data that reflects the total footfall count, repeat customer count, and demographical overview which will eventually help the retailer in various ways like store optimization, personalized promotions that will allow them to gain maximum customer satisfaction and also be ready for the change in trends in the market and help them in making them efficient strategies. 

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