Retail Excellence and importance of improving in-store experience

In-store experience is the result of every interaction a customer has with your store, from entering the store and ending up receiving the product or the service they bought from you. Every interaction impacts your customers’ perception and then they decide whether to come back or not. So a great in-store experience is a key to success.

Therefore, you need to enhance your in-store experience because your customer is spending their time and money on multiple channels before making a purchase. So, you need to take care of all the demands, resolving issues, and help them by providing knowledge. Because these services will bring them back to your store. A satisfied customer is an asset to your store. A journey between your store and your customer throughout every stage of closing sale is known as Customer experience. 

Every retailer knows the reason for enhancing customer experience because the better experience the customers have, the more positive and repeat reviews you’ll get and through this, it automatically reduces the complaints. The benefits of great customer experience include are:

  1.  Increase Satisfaction 
  2. Increase customer loyalty 
  3. Increase goodwill and mouth to mouth marketing 
  4. Positive reviews 
  5. Better customer experience share their experience with other people

Sometimes maintaining this data is hectic for some store managers. Previously, offline data is difficult to collect but nowadays retailers can leverage new technologies in the store and real-time insights are available so there is no reason to provide a smooth and continuous shopping experience. But you need to understand that competition in the retail industry is bloodthirsty than ever. To be in the market, you have to do certain things to give them reasons to come down to your store. 

Certain things that customers want in retail stores that you need to work and improve to make your store popular and acceptable in your particular areas.

  • Personalized Experience 

If customers like in-person service then they will visit offline stores because they can’t get it online. For them, personalized experience from the salesperson is an important factor to determine where to shop. So you need to gather data and provide personalized offers to them. You need to make sure that your salespeople are well trained to make the customer’s experience outstanding. 

  • Use Of Mobile Technology

Almost all your customers are using mobile phones and doing lots of things. They’re using mobile phones to compare prices, checking offers and discounts, and more. You need to take advantage of this like send coupons and offers, and more. Because promotions are the key factor to attract customers and brings them to visit and do shopping from your store. 

  • Attract Customers With Loyalty Rewards

You need to understand those loyal customers are the assets for your store. These customers are the most satisfied with your product and services. But the customers are ok if retailers identify them unless they get something in return. 

All you have to do is look for the loyalty rewards program in which you are gonna make a list of loyal and regular customers and provide them personalized discounts, offers, and incentives which shows them how much they mean and valuable for your respective stores. Investment in your customers not only increase your revenue but also mouth-to-mouth marketing at a range of their known people which indirectly gives benefits to your store.  

  • Offer Store Financing

In-store finance is traditionally offered directly through a store, particularly for big-ticket items such as furniture, electronics, and jewelry. It often gives you an interest-free period so you can get what you want right away and pay it off over time or at a later date. 

All you can do is provide financing not only on big-ticket but also on some moderate price items. This makes your relationship stronger with customers. 

Above we talked about what retail customer wants and after knowing what you can do is to provide them what they want at the right time at the right price and satisfy them. 

Now let’s just talk about improving the in-store experience for your customers. We need to make an enjoyable shopping experience for customers because people aren’t going for shopping where they feel uncomfortable or taken for granted. There are lots of methods to improve your own in-store experience.

  • Sufficient Product Knowledge

You want the people working in the store who knows exactly how to handle customers. It means to provide training to them and having sufficient product knowledge to answer questions and other information. Anything about this which you can do to improve the skill of salesperson in which they learn to engage with customers and make them ready whenever customers need help. Also, you make them understand not to chase the customers all the time. 

  • Don’t Let Them Wait

Nowadays people prefer online shopping because they don’t have to wait to check the product or wait in the billing line. But it also has disadvantages that they don’t know about the quality, delay in delivery, frauds in online shopping, and many more. If you can work on this by providing all the products in front of them and also the salesperson is there to clear all queries of customers. Also to overcome this, many retailers are investing in artificial intelligence technologies like virtual trial rooms, pepper, and many more. The less time customers waiting in queues, the more time they’ll spend their time in analyzing your products and store. 

  • Host Events In Your Store

Come up with an event that brings customers to your store when normally they won’t. As you start to think about who you want to invite to your event, consider if you want to have an “exclusive” or “open” event. An exclusive event is for only guests. This is a good way to reward your loyal customers and make them feel special. An open event is for anyone who wants to attend. Invitations aren’t required, and the event is open to the public. This is a better option if you have opened a new store or don’t have loyal customers and want to start introducing your business to new customers. Also, you want to launch a new product, an open event is the best way to deliver it to your customers and other people. 

  • Shift Product To Give Details About New Product

Customers come to the store and usually go to those places where they are used to find what they always get. If you started to sell new products and want to give details about the product then move the product. You need to analyze the customer buying patterns and move the product and put a new product in those places so they will discover something new and interesting. 

  • Make a Community

It makes sense for your business to find ways to bring people together in your store. Invite customers and community members in an event where they can learn new things and many are starved for human interaction or gets a break from staring at computer or mobile phone. A calm and easygoing environment makes it easy for them to come and go more frequently. Making a community doesn’t mean hosting events. Making community requires building real relationships with customers and talking or communicating with them regularly. By doing these things you get to know more about your customer and it also helps to have a close and long-term relationship with your customer. 

From the above, we get to know that retailers need to shift their focus from selling products to selling experience. It becomes important for retailers to improve the in-store experience as customers are becoming digital and their expectations are getting higher as they shop online to the in-store environment. The key to success is to build an in-store and customer experience and the retailer can’t afford to ignore it in such an aggressive competition. This is clear that in-store and customer experience has to be the core of all marketing strategies. No matter which technologies you used, to focus on acquiring and retaining customers you have to tie down all the above points together to make a seamless experience for your customers. 

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