What is a footfall counter? & How does it work?

Every business having physical space should count customers to understand their business effectively. People counter is an electronic device that is used to count people who come in and out in their stores. This device is set up mainly at the entrance or exit of the store which counts automatically. People counting data helps you to make well-informed decisions. 

People counter also known as footfall counter, customer counter, and visitor counter. 

These devices work by detecting when a person crosses an invisible boundary line that has been configured in their settings. People counter is used to derive retail analytics mainly for supermarkets and retail stores. In the retail industry, People counter is known as the footfall counter as term footfall refers to the total number of people visit the store. 

Vedalabs is the solution for all the retail chain stores. Vedalabs is a retail analytics company that allows retailers to move more inventory and make informed decisions through real-time business insights at the store level. Data points like total footfall, age, gender and repeat count allows retailers to manage and measure the ROI on their marketing and sales spend. 

 As we give you the retail analytics of the amount of foot traffic that the store gets.with having the highest accuracy. When integrated with the point of sale, the collected data is having a piece of valuable information about conversion rates to take the critical decision to improve in-store satisfaction. There are also certain benefits of measuring footfall traffic. 

  • Interaction with inventory 
  • Increase sales productivity and gets to know about the customer conversion rate profile and patterns. 
  • Marketing ROI on store walk-in
  • Chance to retain valuable stock and have better control over their costs.
  • Make operational changes to increase conversions after getting real-time traffic data. 
  • Gain deeper insight by reviewing changes in sales volumes and the consequences of fluctuating footfall levels.
  • Retailers got accurate and reliable data for confident decision making. 
  • Interior Analytics. Interior Analytics means gathering in-sight into store performance. 
  • Tailor staffing schedules according to the footfall pattern. 
  • Improve store layout and ease customer navigation. 

How Does People Counter Work? 

All these devices work in the same way. First, a boundary line is set up in the configuration of the device of in-crossing and out-crossing. When the device detects that the person has crossed the boundary line, then the person out count output increases. Similarly, when the person enters and crossed the boundary line, the person in count output increases.

The software is built on advanced algorithms, whose programs have led in retail analytics for more than a decade. Offering high-speed execution and low memory requirements, the software has been installed in every device installed in all the retail stores. 

Our product uses deep learning and advanced algorithms to detect the persons coming in and out of the stores. Thereby, tracking their movement by use of probability and intelligent algorithms. Each person crossing a boundary line is counted as in or out in real-time. Now, this count is shown at a personalized dashboard with the given private login credentials. The dashboard contains features to set the date and time intervals for which the data is needed and the data can be exported in various formats such as Excel, CSV, etc for internal use. The dashboard also segregates stores from an organization that can be seen individually. All this data is shown via beautiful plots and charts for easy understanding and also for taking an overview of traffic. In simple words, the dashboard provides a graphical representation of the data and no image or video is stored. 

Now you know how technology works. Let’s just talk about how traffic counting reports can be used to increase the numbers in revenue and profit of the company. After getting reports the retailer or manager gets to know about the worst-performing areas and the matter to improve these areas. For example:

  • Comparing footfall and sales conversion at different hours of the day 
  • Monitoring how many people passed by 
  • Comparing footfall and sales conversion at different characteristics 
  • Discover which places are popular and where are dead zone
  • If they are understaffed during peak hours

Footfall shows whether the store is under-or-out performing. Combining traffic information with sales and analyzed data, the calculation can be made to show how to make different areas of your business such as marketing, staffing levels and support more effective.

With a small investment and a little bit of time, retailers can positively impact their profits by analyzing visitor traffic. 

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